“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” - M.Gandhi

As a volunteer leader, it’s you who can make a change. You can encourage your volunteers, engage and motivate them to grow, and become a source of inspiration!

What Our Alumni Have To Say..

Board Members

Team Work Makes The Dream Work.

team I.C.Shah Founder

Founder of DIAL, as well as the Founder and former President and CEO of ICS Telecom Inc. Click Below to know more..

team Sitima Fowler Chairperson

Speaker, Author Volunteer & Co-CEO of CAPSTONE Information Technologies Inc. Click Below to know more..

team Chetna Chandrakala Past Chairperson & Board member

Chetna Chandrakala is the Vice President of Finance for GRIPA (Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association, Inc.) Click Below to know more..